Release Date: 09.18.2015

Release Date:               09.18.2015

The Leaf Maker TRACKLIST
  1. Prologue, or the Maker of Leaves
  2. Bugbear
  3. Riverborn
  4. The Coppice / A Haunting
  5. Sail Cloth
  6. Vulpes vulpes
  7. Danielle is the Pines
  8. Llewellyn
  9. Woodshed
  10. Sepulchre
  11. The Candle Jar
  12. The Leaf Maker

Wickerbird is Blake Cowan. Homesick and disillusioned by his impending transition to mature society, he concluded his sophomore year of college in New York City and returned to his native Washington State. There, in a borrowed trailer, buried among the foothills of Mt. Rainier, he found respite. It was in this time of stasis and lucidity that he resigned himself at last to open his consciousness, confront the haunting truths surrounding life and to draw his own answers from the unanswerable.

The sounds of Wickerbird are the manifested revelations and madness begotten in his mountainside reveries. More, they are the hymns of the mountain itself, sonnets from the wooded deep to the fill the silence, soaking into the cracks and crevices. His second full-length record, “The Leaf Maker” finds its lead character in the forest--the birdcalls and pattering rain and snapping fire all as crucial and telling as the whispers and guitar that surround them.

“The Leaf Maker” is a realization of temporality, and so fraught with the all the pain, joy, and longing such a realization brings. More though, it is an amiable acceptance, a found peace and a celebration of the beauty, purity and innocence residing in our many waning moments.