Following a series of digital singles (The Blonde Leading the Blonde, King of the Kingdom of Man and Hearts Are Made For Beating) and a moment in the national spotlight, having scored the 150th episode of the FOX TV show, American Dad!, Wax Fang takes a wild detour into the far reaches of outer space with THE ASTRONAUT.
This is not your typical album. It is not your typical concept album either. THE ASTRONAUT is a grandiose sonic odyssey flowing seamlessly from each of its three movements to the next like a space shuttle through a psychedelic intergalactic landscape. A space rock opera concerning the fate of a lone space traveler, separated from his vessel, who is then swallowed by a black hole and transformed into a celestial super being, it is an ode to the wonder, the majesty and the horror of the universe.
Scott Carney elegantly tells the tragic tale of THE ASTRONAUT over a cinematic backdrop of heavy psych-pop guitar riffs, swirling synthesizers, acid jazz saxophones, theremin wizardry, and lush string arrangements. Each movement finds Carney expanding his ever increasing palette of voices. Whether he’s crooning a soft, floating melody, shouting like deranged madman, or belting out a Broadway delivery, every word aims to hit the listener like sub atomic particles in the Large Hadron Collider.
The world was treated to a taste of the album when segments of The Astronaut Part 2 and The Astronaut Part 3 were featured on American Dad!. On January 28th, the world will finally see the scope and magnitude of this modern take on space travel. Released through the band’s own Don’t Panic Records, THE ASTRONAUT will be available at all digital outlets, with the vinyl LP and CD available exclusively through the bands website,
With everyone tossing around the word “epic” like it’s nothing these days, it has begun to lose its meaning. Wax Fang hopes to change all of that with THE ASTRONAUT, a truly epic adventure in every sense of the word. So sit back, relax, and prepare to blast off!